Printing Services

We are confident that we have a solution for your printing needs.


Our fast, flexible digital printing works great for one-offs and smaller runs, but when you need to get the word out to thousands fast, choose offset printing which makes the most economical sense for larger runs. Our on-demand book printing service using our advanced digital technology eliminates excessive inventories and helps you get just what you need, when you need it. Adding a personal touch to your marketing and business communications helps improve the effectiveness of your message. Our variable printing service helps you make the most of your customer data and turn basic brochures into impactful one to one communications.

And, when you want to really make a big impact, our large format printing service makes signs, posters and banners for any occasion. Do you have great ideas for your marketing, publicity or presentations but lack the time or expertise to get it on paper? Our expert design and marketing staff can work with you as part of your support team. Once we understand your objectives, we can help you achieve them. By combining our printing and copying and marketing services into customized solutions, we can help you be more effective and efficient in your business communication efforts.

Printing and Copying

From traditional copying and offset printing to digital, direct-to-plate and variable printing, we have the technology and experience to help you get just what you need, when you need it. All of our printing and copying solutions are combined with our marketing services to help you be more effective and efficient in your business communication efforts. Once we understand your business objectives, we help you achieve them with our printing and marketing services. Printing and copying by DocuXpress includes:
  • High speed black and white copying
  • Color copying
  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing
  • Book printing
  • Direct-to-plate printing
  • Large format and wide format printing
  • One to one printing
  • Signs, posters and banners
  • Variable printing
And it doesn’t stop there. Professional graphic design, finishing and binding, kitting and fulfillment, and mailing services complement our printing and copying services.

Variable Printing

Customers respond well to friendly, face-to-face customer service, but how do you create that same connection in a postcard, letter, or direct mailer? Variable printing —the technology we use to help your printed communications speak directly to each individual you are marketing to. Variable printing, also referred to as variable data printing, lets you transform the information you already have — name, address, spending habits — into a personalized, printed piece that becomes a powerful marketing tool for generating leads and driving sales. Say you’re an electronics retailer. With a person’s name, address and buying history, you can customize text, photos and graphics to inform your customer of the latest upgrades, tell them their warranty is about to expire, incentivize them with a photo of the newest accessories and up sell them to a larger-priced item. All in one piece, all from just the small amount of information you already have on hand. It’s not just variable printing; it’s a marketing solution you can take to the bank! Variable printing is a technique of digital printing that allows you to do mass customization rather than mass production of a single message. It’s the technology behind one to one marketing or personalized marketing. Wherever your prospect or customer is in the buying cycle, variable printing can help increase your impact, boost sales and maximize your marketing ROI. Variable printing is at the heart of direct marketing, an old standby in the marketplace that’s finding new fertile ground with our customers who are watching their bottom line and seeking a better return on their marketing efforts. Savvy business owners realize how important it is to maintain and nurture their customer relationships and keep their ongoing marketing efforts active. Consider variable printing for generating sales and increasing brand loyalty for the long-term sustainability of your business.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the perfect solution when your quantities are small and quality can’t be compromised. Its ideal for smaller print runs because it’s both cost effective and delivers quick turnaround times. The eye-catching colors and clean, crisp black-and-white text of digital printing will capture your audience’s attention and drive home your message. You can use one-, two-, or full-color graphics to significantly increase the number of customers who read and respond to your printed piece. At DocuXpress, we make it fast and affordable to increase your impact with digital printing. Digital printing is commonly used for personalized marketing, variable printing, and book and manual printing. Unlike offset printing, digital printing gives you the flexibility to customize each piece you create thereby maximizing your marketing and lead generation efforts. Whether its 20 or 2000, each piece can be unique with different text, photos, and calls to action. The possibilities are endless with digital printing. Digital printing is today’s “green” printing practice because it creates less chemical and paper waste than traditional offset printing, thus saving you time and money in materials and setup costs. And, you can print only what you need when you need it, eliminating even more potential waste.

Book Printing

At DocuXpress, our book printing services incorporate short-run digital printing with finishing and binding to provide you with a complete solution whether you’re a business producing manuals or reports or a publishing company or author looking for a more effective way to get your books to market. DocuXpress book printing services include these documents and more:
  • Training manuals
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Brochures and catalogs
  • Annual reports
  • Books and Booklets
  • Inventory and pricing books
  • Directories
  • Manuscripts
The advantages of our book printing services are many. On-demand, digital book printing is affordable. Whether your pages are black and white text or full-color graphics, digital printing allows you to print smaller quantities, with no minimum requirements, which can help you reduce inventory and storage expenses, and virtually eliminates obsolete inventories. For independent authors, we understand the challenges of publishing and our book printing services help you get published faster. You can revise and republish more easily and personalize your manuscripts with variable data. In addition, our full-color digital printing lets you print only the quantity you absolutely need. We help you reduce the costs associated with getting your book to market. For book publishers, our digital book printing solution allows you to print smaller quantities helping to reduce your inventory and warehousing costs and allowing you to publish more authors and expand into more markets. We can also implement an online ordering process and personalize books with variable printing. We offer an entire suite of services designed to provide you one solution for book printing:
  • Graphic design to help you with text, layout, and cover art
  • High-speed, full-color or black and white printing
  • Perfect binding and other binding options
  • Mailing and fulfillment
DocuXpress professional book printing service helps you print just one book or many. Whatever your subject, you can get just the quantity you need when you need it and even personalize each and every one of them. Now, that’s not just a publishing solution, it’s a marketing solution.

Offset Printing

Whatever you need printed; it will be done to the quality you expect, when you come to DocuXpress. You name it and we can print it—brochures, flyers, newsletters, posters, sales presentations, annual reports, or stationery. Our offset printing services include traditional single- and multi-color printing as well as new computer-to-press technology which helps you get what you need faster. From variety of press sizes and configurations to newer, “greener” soy-based inks, we treat every print job as a unique piece of art, handled by skilled press operators who match their tools with your needs to provide the very best in offset printing quality. Sometimes, a job isn’t done when the printing is; your project may need any number of finishing and binding touches to communicate the right message, such as varnishing and UV coating or saddle stitching or bookbinding. We know how to give your project the finishing touch it needs to meet your business objectives. Compared to other printing methods, the advantages of offset printing include:
  • Sharper and cleaner images
  • More consistent image quality
  • The more you print, the less you pay per page
  • So, whether you need 1,000 or 1,000,000, our offset printing services can be perfectly matched to your job, your budget, and your schedule.

Large Format Printing

When you have something important to say, say it BIG. At DocuXpress, we can help you communicate your message with our large format printing services. From dazzling signs, posters and banners, to informative charts and graphs, entertaining oversized photos, and impactful trade show materials, you can project your brand to more people faster with the use of large format printing. A colorful, eye-catching sign or poster can draw your customer’s attention and drive awareness of your products and services. It can also help increase the impact of your current sales or marketing campaign. Whether you need signs for your next trade show, posters for corporate training, or banners for special events, we can show you how to make a big impression.


From simple black-and-white copies to full-color brochures, posters and more, DocuXpress can help you meet your business objectives with traditional and advanced printing and marketing services. We have the technology and experience to complete your project on time and on budget. Why waste your time making copies in-house, our high-speed copying service takes the burden off your staff and delivers copies so clean and crisp, you’ll think each page is an original. Combined with our finishing and binding services, manuals, books, pamphlets, presentations and more can all be back at your office door fast! Our printing and copying services include:
  • Black and white and color copying
  • Digital printing
  • Offset printing
  • Variable printing
  • Large format and wide format printing
  • Book printing
Today’s color copiers and offset printing processes are worlds apart from where they were years ago. Consider adding color to your next project and you may just see your reader response rates increase.