Facilities Management

Our experience allows us to offer everything from on-site facilities management programs to complete document outsourcing.


At DocuXpress, our niche is developing effective print outsourcing solutions for corporate clients. Our experience allows us to offer everything from on-site facilities management programs to complete document outsourcing.

External Facilities Management - Facilities Management is a complete in-house document center located at the clients’ facility and managed by Corporate Document Solutions. We equip your facility with digital black and white and color printers, graphic work stations, and fully trained graphic arts personnel. This program is fully comprehensive. It enables our clients to focus their time and resources on key areas of their business and leaves the print management to a team of experts.
In-House Print Coordinator with Partial Outsourcing – The partial outsourcing option cuts back the in-house document center to one employee and a limited amount of support equipment. The targeted jobs, mainly small runs with quick turnaround, would be handled on-site. The remaining overflow work would be outsourced to DocuXpress facility.
100% Outsourcing – This option entails the outsourcing of all of your company’s printing to DocuXpress facility.

Document Management

At DocuXpress we are able to manage your documents by providing scanning and archiving services and incorporating a web-based application that will provide you with the information you need at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. We also provide storage for your documents (hard copies) after they have been scanned. Every box will be bar-coded and scanned into a system for easy retrieval of information which can be viewed online via secure web access.

Document Outsourcing Benefits

By adopting our document management software, systems, paperless office, document scanning, electronic archiving & data processing services- clients reduce costs, eliminate backlogs, significantly improve data input quality, production and document availability. This allows the enterprise to focus on its core business and grow exponentially without hiring additional personnel and confronting the rapid obsolescence of costly hardware and software. A complete expert and professional document management solution, major benefits can be calculated in terms of organizational responsiveness and not just cost savings. In other words, redefinition of jobs, plus better use of people and corporate resources are very likely to play a greater role in the decision to outsource the data, forms and document processing.

Document Scanning Services

DocuXpress provides a wide range of document scanning services which consists of PDF Scanning, PDF Searchable, and PDF Conversion. Using our high industrial mono & color scanners, we can provide all types, sizes and volumes of document scanning & conversion services according to our customer’s requirements such as TIFF, PDF, PDF Searchable, etc. We then store the documents to the most suitable form of media, which can be CD/DVD, Standalone Workstation or a Central Server.

Which Documents?

DocuXpress specializes in providing complete document scanning & imaging services and document management software and systems. Whether your scanning requirement is to scan,
  • Client/Project Files
  • Newspapers/Journals
  • Pods (Proof of Delivery)
  • Training Manuals/Reports
  • Matter Files/Client Files
  • Legal Documents (E-Bible)
  • Forms
  • Invoices
  • Medical Records
  • PDF Scanning
DocuXpress document scanning bureau can provide the best way to scan your documents to a high quality and at a low cost!

Document Scanning

Prior to any document scanning process, documents need to be prepared where necessary for e.g. de-stapling, un-binding, removing creases/folds etc. We use a range of high-speed; state of the art technology scanners to ensure the image and quality of the scanned documents are to the highest possible standards. Our document scanning services also includes Image Processing in which image cropping, de-skewing and filtering can be applied to any poor quality or ageing documents to enhance the image quality.

Scanning Format

Documents can be scanned in various formats, depending on your requirements, we can advise you on the most suitable solution for your needs. Following are the industry standard formats being used for scanning,
  • TIFF Format (widely used for electronic archiving, compatible and supported by Ms Windows)
  • PDF (Adobe Acrobat) (suitable for sharing/distribution/security/online access and electronic archiving)
  • PDF Searchable (recommended for quick search by the document contents)
  • JPEG (suitable for color pictures scanning/distribution)

Document Indexing

After the initial scanning stage, we then index the scanned files for easy retrieval by various categories such as …
  • Reference Number
  • Client Name
  • Company Name
  • Title
  • Date
Indexing helps users to search for files or documents by using any of the different categories listed above. Our latest indexing software can also capture any printed barcode information on documents and index your files by barcode data, so you can search your documents by a barcode reference number. This technique is particularly useful for companies who are in the research, legal, pharmaceuticals and editorial fields. Further to our document scanning process images can also be converted to PDF format or PDF searchable format for keyword searching, content searching etc.

Storage Media

Once the conversion process is completed, the final step is to archive the data onto the most suitable media required. This can be a CD-R, DVD, Hard drive, File servers (central location) or even the Internet.

PDF Scanning / PDF Conversion / PDF Searchable

DocuXpress provides a range of PDF scanning services which include PDF scanning, PDF Conversion, PDF Searchable, PDF e-book, PDF Book-marking and PDF On-line which are tailored to meet any company’s requirements and budgets.

Whether your PDF Scanning requirement is to convert;
  • Technical Manuals
  • Newspaper articles
  • Correspondences
  • Company Reports
  • E-Bible
  • Application / Survey Forms
  • Client Files
  • Magazines, books or other publications
DocuXpress can provide you with the right solution in a very cost effective manner. We can convert your documents into editable text and fully searchable PDF files, the perfect format to store, retrieve and share information over or beyond your organization. PDF searchable is very useful for the clients who would like to have their documents in PDF format as well as have the ability to search their documents by its contents. PDF searchable files provide a reliable and easy way of searching PDF documents. PDF (Portable File Format) is widely used across the world and helping many organizations to archive, search and view their documents through CDs, Local Network and the Internet. DocuXpress specializes in a range of PDF services to enable fast and accurate creation and conversion of PDF files.